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India's Best - Safe Legal & Confidential Abortion Clinic in Mumbai
When it comes to patient satisfaction, safety, and cost - The Family Hospital in Mumbai India is unmatched for women who wish to travel to India to avail safe, legal and confidential Abortion services. It provides the complete spectrum of first and second-trimester abortion up to 20 weeks including Medical Abortion pills and Family Planning services like IUCD insertions, Laparoscopic tubal ligation and vasectomy services.

Are you Pregnant and wish to know your choices?

You are not alone. About half the pregnancies are not planned. One in five pregnancy - the woman decides to have an abortion. If you are not sure, talk to us. About the continuation of pregnancy, pregnancy termination options or Adoption

Is Abortion legal in India

Yes, Abortion is legal at the Family hospital in Mumbai India Abortion has been legal in India since the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP Act) was brought into effect in April 1972. The MTP Act was a significant step forward in ensuring access to safe and legal abortion services for women under a broad range of conditions. The MTP Act makes Abortion legal at the Family Hospital up to 20 weeks for the right reasons.

How do I get an Abortion Appointment in India

Just call or email us. One of our Abortion helpline specialists will help you get the appointment including helping you choose the right procedure. He will also help you with the visa formalities and travel arrangements.

How will you maintain Confidentiality about my procedure?

You don’t have to tell your partner or your parents. You’ll be encouraged to involve your parents or another supportive adult but you can still have an abortion even if you don’t tell them. The doctors must think it’s in your best interests, and that you fully understand what’s involved. All information, advice and services are confidential.

Do I need my partner's agreement?

No. Your partner, or the person you got pregnant with, has no legal rights. You can go ahead with an abortion without your partner’s knowledge or agreement. Partners have never successfully prevented abortion by legal action.

What are Abortion pre-procedure tests?

Abortion pre-procedure tests are Blood and urine tests to check your health status and if you are fit and healthy to undergo a safe abortion. Also, an Ultrasound scan to check the duration of pregnancy and rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

How fast can I get an Appointment?

We can schedule an Abortion appointment for you within 24 hours. All appointments are subject to bed and consultant availability at the time of finalization.

Where is the Family Hospital located?

The Family Hospital is located in the western suburb of Mumbai about 20 kms from Mumbai International Airport. It is about half-hour driving distance from the Airport. It is strategically located in the center in a safe location with many eating, shopping, exchanges around the center.

How do you accept payments at the Family Hospital?

We accept cash, credit cards and most other forms of payments. Credit card or Debit card payments are subject to surcharges.

What happens at the time of Consultation?

During your first Consultation you should be given: an opportunity to talk things through with the doctor, extra support, including counseling if you want it, information about the different types of abortion, which type is suitable for your stage of pregnancy and where the abortion will be carried out, information about what to expect during and after the abortion, information about any possible risks or complications relating to the abortion, a blood test to check your blood group and for anemia, the offer of a check-up for sexually transmitted infections and HIV, a consent form to say you agree to the abortion and the procedure is chosen.

What are my options for Abortion?

Broadly - two options are open to you - Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion Different abortion procedures are available depending on how long you’ve been pregnant, your medical suitability and your preferences. You should be offered a choice of abortion methods, although this isn’t always possible at all times for all women.

Till what duration of pregnancy is Medical Abortion possible?

Medical Abortion is possible till about 9 weeks, the earlier the better. It has own set of complications and needs to be discussed with your Doctor.

Is Abortion Safe?

Yes. Abortion is usually safer than giving birth. Abortion can have risks, but problems are less likely to occur when it’s performed early in pregnancy, when local anaesthetic is used and steps are taken to reduce any infection after abortion.

Is Abortion painful?

Whatever method of abortion is chosen, you’ll have some period-type pain or discomfort. The later the abortion, the more painful it might be. You’ll always be offered, and advised about, appropriate pain relief.

Are there complications happening at the time of Abortion?

Problems at the time of the abortion aren’t very common. They’re less likely to occur when the abortion is carried out in early pregnancy and an experienced doctor performs it at the Family Hospital at Mumbai India.

Is Infection possible after an Abortion?

Infection is a possibility in Abortion. However, at the Family Hospital, the place is neat, clean and sterile. We have a zero infection rate for the last 10 years. Antibiotics may be given to select patients. The place is only for foreign nationals coming from overseas which makes cross-infection between patients a rare possibility.

What happens after the Abortion procedure?

A talk with the doctor to discuss what to expect in terms of bleeding and pain. Post Abortion medications. Telephone contact no to contact any time of day or night. Contraceptive advise.

What happens after the Abortion procedure?

A talk with the doctor to discuss what to expect in terms of bleeding and pain. Post Abortion medications. Telephone contact no to contact any time of day or night. Contraceptive advise.

How will I feel after the Abortion?

You may feel relieved, tired, sad or have mixed feelings after an abortion. These are natural reactions. It’s rare to have any long-term psychological problems and those who do often had similar problems before the abortion. It depends on the circumstances and reasons for having the abortion and how comfortable you are with the decision of Abortion.

How long will I bleed after the Abortion procedure?

Bleeding after abortion is normal. How long you bleed for depends on the abortion method. Bleeding can vary. You may bleed for a long time or you may not bleed much at all. Bleeding after medical abortion can last for several weeks. Bleeding after surgical methods can last for about one to two weeks. Either can be spotting or normal menstrual bleed.

What happens to the Fetal tissue after the Abortion?

All tissue from the abortion is disposed of in a sensitive way. If you have a specific request about how you’d like the fetal tissue to be disposed of, talk to the doctor at the hospital before you have your abortion.

Does Abortion cause Breast Cancer?

No Abortion has no relation to Breast Cancer.

How soon after Abortion should I use Contraception?

If you don’t want to get pregnant, you should start using contraception immediately after abortion. Any method of contraception can be started at this time. If you start contraception immediately you’ll be protected from pregnancy straight away. Our doctor should be able to give you information and advice about contraception.

Please give me information about Emergency Contraceptive?

If you’ve had sex without contraception, or think your method might’ve failed, there are different types of emergency contraception, you can use. An IUD is the most effective option. It can be fitted up to five days after sex, or up to five days after the earliest time, you could’ve ovulated. An emergency contraceptive pill with levonorgestrel can be taken up to three days (72 hours) after sex.

Any more advise for Me?

Take an informed decision with your partner. Travel in a calm and relaxed manner. Trust our doctors at the Family Hospital at Mumbai India.

We Welcome All

Vibha - The Family Hospital treats all patients who require our services, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship.

Our mission — the reason we exist — is to provide Safe Legal and Confidential Abortion services to one and all.
Our vision — what we want to be — is to be the most caring and understanding Abortion care services in India - one of the best place to work and progress.
Our values statement — our guide to the individual and organizational behavior we expect to be Professionalism, how we work and behave in our business Respect for all our women patients - their partners and families. Integrity, always doing the honest and legal things Diversity, understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs, needs and expectations of our women patients. Excellence, what we strive for every day.

Our Process

Surgical Abortion is a safe simple and confidential procedure used to terminate a pregnancy.

The pregnancy is removed vaginally by an experienced doctor using an advanced vacuum suction method.

We offer surgical abortions up to 19 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

The type of surgical Abortion procedure we offer you will depend on your age, obstetric and gynecological history and how many weeks you have been pregnant.

Surgical Abortion

What is a Surgical Abortion?

A Surgical Abortion involves the pregnancy being removed through the vagina using an advance vacuum suction method. We offer surgical Abortion as one of the preferred options of treatment at the Family Hospital in Mumbai India. The procedure for a surgical Abortion can differ depending on your gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are), and so the amount of time you will spend at the hospital can vary accordingly. We always do the surgical procedure with an Anesthetic standby. So the procedure is completely painless and there are no bad memories about an abortion procedure done on you.

What to expect on the day

When you arrive at one of our clinics, you'll have a consultation and medical assessment with a pre-procedure blood test and ideally an ultrasound scan done to ascertain pregnancy and duration of pregnancy. They’ll talk you through the procedure and answer all your questions.

Up to 10 weeks of pregnancy
If you’re under 10 weeks of pregnancy, a vacuum suction procedure will be planned on the same day of admission to remove the pregnancy from the womb through the vagina. This is a very quick and simple 10 minutes procedure done under anesthesia.

After 10 weeks of pregnancy
We’ll give you a combination of medications to prepare and dilate (gently open) your cervix. This can take variable times depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant. You will be admitted at the Family Hospital during the period of time.

A Vacuum suction method is used to remove the pregnancy through the vagina. Slender specialized instruments may also be used. Depending on your gestation, you will be under short deep General Anesthesia experiencing no pain during the actual surgery. The procedure will take up to 20 minutes, and you will be discharged from the clinic once you are awake and comfortable to go home or to your hotel.


After your treatment, you'll spend some time in our recovery room having some water/juice/snacks until you’re ready to go home or to your hotel. Most people will experience some bleeding and cramping afterward and we will cover you with mild pain killers. Bleeding can last for 1-2 weeks and will be similar to your menstrual period. Cramping pains are also normal following the procedure, as the womb returns to its normal size. We will advise you about appropriate pain relief to take, and when to seek further advice if necessary. We are always available for you after the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Outstanding Patient Safety

Abortion methods have changed over the years with new medications and newer techniques. The family hospital aims at prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with Abortion.

Superior Care and Positive Outcome

THE Family Hospital aims at improving outcomes for our patients by our Medical staff with evidence-based information at the point-of-care which helps them make informed decisions and reduces costly mistakes.

Treatment delivered in a Timely Manner

We at the Family Hospital strive to make sure that the patient is seen by our doctors in the shortest possible time and treatment given in a timely manner for them to return back home on their scheduled flight.

Fair Unbiased access to our Facility

The barriers at a patient-level were related to the patient characteristics: demographic variables, social structure variables, health beliefs and attitudes, personal enabling resources, community enabling resources, perceived illness and personal health practices. We help overcome all of them.

Good and Positive Patient Experience

A positive patient experience at the Family Hospital care settings means comforting patients and allaying their fears. Ensuring a positive patient experience is a high priority for the Family Hospital and this differentiates it from other Women Health care center.

Non-Judgmental Treatment to One and All

We train our staff to have a non-judgmental attitude while not reflecting own biases and this attitude pervades all his/her interactions. Most of the time this means that we look at what was said instead of who said it.

Quality Cost and Value

The value should always be defined around the patient and in a well-functioning healthcare system, the creation of value for patients should determine the rewards for all other actors in the system. Since value is defined as outcomes relative to costs, it encompasses efficiency.

Legal and Confidential Abortion

The Family hospital prides in giving legal, and confidential abortion counseling and services, as well as access to affordable, confidential pre and post-abortion care and contraceptive services.

Qualified Experienced Doctors

The Family Hospital gives you access to consult with only Qualified and Experienced Doctor and our all doctors are in private practice for over 10 years. The nurses are into the practice of OBGYN for at least 3 years.

Comprehensive Travel and Treatment

The Treatment division of the Family hospital in conjunction with the Travel department provides comprehensive visa assistance, travel and ticketing and airport pickup and drop services as needed for you during your travel to India.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a way of cleaning one's hands that substantially reduces potential pathogens (harmful microorganisms) on the hands. Preventing the spread of germs is especially important in at the Family Hospital and the staff is trained to do so.

Zero Infection rate

Among the pathogens causing hospital-acquired infections, C. difficile (12.1%) is the leading cause followed by Staphylococcus aureus (10.7%), Klebsiella (9.9%) and Escherichia coli (9.3%). We at the Family hospital pride in having a consistent zero infection since last 10 years with minimal antibiotic use.

Worldwide Abortion Statistics

What people say?

The Family hospital in Mumbai India is the safest place to have an abortion. They are clear and transparent as what to expect. I feared the pain of abortion. They explained to me and once I knew the facts - the process went well with me. My advise - Ladies to go to the center as calm and relax as possible. Trust them. I had 4 other women patients with me - all from Middle East. For Pain - the level of discomfort - will depend how far you are into pregnancy, the medications they use, how much cramping and pain you have and your anxiety status. Be relax, and all will be fine with you.


What people say?

I was afraid and frightened when I realised I am pregnant! In a country, where pregnancy is illegal if you are not married, I was shocked so also my partner. So I contacted the Family hospital in Mumbai India They assured me of a safe and painless abortion procedure. The procedure was done under a complete general Anasthesia There was a lady anaesthetist beside me who explains the procedure to you after a detailed history They have a sophisticated vacuum machine which takes care of the abortion process. You are in deep sleep when they do the procedure and you wake up in your room to be discharged in a few hours. All in all - a safe procedure.

Marie Ann

What people say?

Call them and they take care of all the visa and tickets for you. Someone waiting at the airport to take you to the center. Admission and some preprocedure tests. The procedure is done on the same afternoon. You are discharged in the evening with all the post procedure medications given to you. They drop you to your hotel and then your flight the next day.

Mohammed Amin

What people say?

Worried about your abortion? Need not be. The procedure was completed in one day. One day rest back home in Saudi Arabia and I was back to work in my office. A smooth and safe process in India


What people say?

Visa in one day. We booked our own tickets. Airport pickup was arranged for me. Patients all over the place. Each person - they give special attention. The staff is experienced and non judgmental. The process is well done. The doctor consultants are very well experienced. They do it well. I thank them.


What people say?

I did my pregnancy termination last year since I had a small baby at home. I recovered well. I was back to work again in a day's time. I had almost forgotten about the abortion. I am pregnant again. I plan to continue this pregnancy. Hoping for the best!


What people say?

I was in early pregnancy about 7 weeks duration. They gave both options of Medical and Surgical abortion. Chose the Medical abortion pills for me. All went well as instructed. I did a follow up Ultrasound test - everything is normal


What people say?

I am from Saudi Arabia. I opted for the "All Female Procedure" Everyone was nice and friendly. The doctor, anaesthetist and nurses were female. They take good care of me


What people say?

زرت مستشفى العائلة في مومباي الهند لإجراء عملية جراحية. يقومون بالفحص الصحي والموجات فوق الصوتية لتأكيد تاريخ الحمل ، ويتحدثون معك لشرح الإجراء ويسمح لك بالتعبير عن الأسئلة أو المخاوف ، ويقومون بالإجراء ، ويوصلكون إلى غرفة الاسترداد. يمكنك البقاء في المركز من الصباح 9 صباحا إلى 7 مساء. الغرف نظيفة وجيدة. الموظفين مفيد جدا. الطبيب المعالج ذو خبرة كبيرة. جميع الأطباء والممرضات يعتنون بي. أستريح في الفندق ليوم واحد. أسافر إلى دبي في اليوم التالي. أشعر أنني بحالة جيدة الآن. أي آثار جانبية. أنا سعيد بمركز الإجهاض بمستشفى العائلة في مومباي بالهند. أشكر الفريق في مستشفى العائلة في مومباي بالهند.

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