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Abortion review by American lady in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abortion review by American lady in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abortion review – American woman in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh.

I was unfortunate to have an unplanned pregnancy during my working in Riyadh. In fact – I was pregnant before I left for Saudi Arabia. I had my boyfriend in New York and we were good friends and had occasional close relationships. The last week of my stay in the United States before I found this job in Riyadh in telecommunication company – I had unprotected sexual relationship with my friends and I conceived.

I was alarmed for I knew that abortion or related procedures are illegal in Saudi Arabia. I had a new job and in case I have to leave Saudi Arabia – I needed an exit visa.

I was wondering what should I do? I was recommended some pills available locally by my colleague and friend in my office. However, I was not comfortable with the idea of taking unsupervised medications.

I wanted a safe and legal abortion.

I confided my problem to my new boss – she is an American lady from Florida – rare to have a lady boss in Saudi Arabia. I met her at her residence and discussed my problem. A co incidence that she had to undergo a similar situation last year. She said it is fine.

She recommended me to go to India for she had a number of friends who had traveled to Mumbai for safe and legal abortion.

The center of choice was the Family hospital in Mumbai India.

She said that the center is a government recognized abortion center and has a friendly team to take care of my abortion.

I applied for a visa – a tourist visa to travel to India.

The Indian embassy asked for a no of documents including confirmed travel tickets – hotel booking and the travel department at the Family hospital helped me with all the formalities.

I got my visa in a week time. The office helped me with the exit visa formalities.

I was on my way to Mumbai on a Saudi Arabian direct flight to Mumbai.

They received me at the airport. The vehicle took me to the center.

The Family hospital has 2 centers. The old big center is mainly for locals. The new center is small and personal and provides the privacy and confidentiality that is needed for me.

I was taken to a warm comfortable room. The place was absolutely clean and neat and the staff friendly.

I arrived early morning. I took some rest and they collected the blood samples for tests and got my ultrasonography done by a lady doctor. After the reports came in – I had    an consultation with the OBGYN doctor who explained to me the procedure and what to expect during the process. It was precise and clear and he was patient to answer all my questions.

They gave me some pre-medications and inserted a tablet in my vagina. I had some discomfort and little spotting following these medications.

The doctor came in again and said that we are planning to do the procedure soon since I was prepared for the same.

They took me to the Operation room. The rooms were pretty well equipped and very sterile.

They gave me a small injection on my left arm and placed a wrist monitoring device.

I went to sleep.

I woke up in my room after about half an hour and the nurse said that the procedure was completed.

She allowed me to rest and I was wide awake after about 4 hours and walking around the place.

The complete procedure was painless in fact pleasant for I had received a short anesthesia first time in my life and I was happily dreaming.

The next day I flew back to Riyadh to join back work.

Overall a pleasant experience!


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