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Abortion review by British woman in United Arab Emirates Dubai

Abortion review by British woman in United Arab Emirates Dubai

Abortion review by a British woman in the United Arab Emirates UAE - Dubai

I am a British expatriate staying in UA and working in Abu Dhabi for an oil company as a secretary. I was away from home for a period of 2 years. Divorced and single - I love to socialize a lot. UAE is a good place for party and night life. In one of those good days (or rather nights) - I was intimate with one of my colleagues from Egypt. We had a layover and a good time!

My menses were due on Feb 20 - however, I did not get my periods on the planned dates. I waited for 7 days and then did a urine pregnancy test. I was tested positive. I knew that abortion is illegal in UAE, I did not plan this pregnancy and the relationship was a short term relationship so a continuation of pregnancy was not possible.

I searched for options. I did an internet search. I contacted my friends who were in a similar situation. Surprisingly many had undergone abortions. I had the option of going back home to the UK and do an abortion. Searching on the net - I found that India is the nearest destination where legal abortion procedure is available. I searched the net and found the Family hospital as a good center for a safe and legal abortion procedure.

I emailed them and they called me back. They were very clear of they would offer in terms of services in the very first phone call. Everything was made clear to me. The travel arrangements - the visa requirements - the procedure - the cost and the post-procedure recovery process.

I applied for the visa at the Indian consulate and was granted single entry visa for India in 3 days time. I booked my tickets and on an Emirates flight to Mumbai. They had arranged an airport pickup and took me to the center. After the routine basic tests, the doctor offered me options for medical and surgical abortion. They gave me time to think.

I opted for the medical abortion. I  liked it as it did not entail any procedure, anesthesia or surgery. They gave me the first set of the pill and after 48 hours the second set of medications. I was bleeding immediately after the second set of medications. I bled for 2 days and then it stopped. I knew inside that the procedure has worked and everything was done. However, they advised me to undergo ultrasonography to confirm the success of the procedure.

Things have worked well for me. I got my periods at regular intervals since the medical abortion procedure. My health is fine and all is well.

I promise to take care of in the future.


British expat

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