Preabortion Tests


Preabortion Tests

Preabortion Tests 
If you’ve just discovered you have an unplanned pregnancy, you might feel numb, or in a panic, or even both. You aren’t alone!
When your mind is whirling with all the “what if’s” and all you can think is “why me,” it can be hard to know what to do, or where to start. 
If you can find a quiet, calming place where you can sit down, take a deep breath, and get comfortable, it might help give you a bit of peace so you can consider what your options are.
You may want to talk to your partner or husband at night after all the work is done and everything is quiet and peaceful.
If you think having an abortion might be the right path for you, you could be wondering where you can receive pre-abortion care.
Pre-abortion care is another way of saying you are looking for confidential services, completely unbiased information, and compassionate, supportive care as you explore your choices for your unplanned pregnancy, particularly abortion.
We are your first step. 
Contact us at the Family Hospital and we will make sure you get the critical, unbiased information you need, and we will provide the services necessary to make an informed decision. This will give you the confidence to know that the decisions you make are what is best for you.
Come in and we will offer you advice for a laboratory-quality pregnancy test. These tests are more accurate than most over-the-counter tests, and even if you have taken a test at home, it’s best to have a licensed health professional give you a test to confirm your at-home test results.
You can’t be too careful and our pre-abortion care can help you avoid paying for an abortion you may not need. Miscarriage can happen, and in up to 25 percent of pregnancies, it does. Close to 80 percent of those will happen during the first 12 weeks, many before a woman even know she is pregnant.
If you have a positive pregnancy test, we will provide you with a free ultrasound as well. That test will show if your pregnancy is viable, will determine the gestational age, and can detect an ectopic pregnancy (a dangerous condition requiring medical treatment).
Another important factor, especially when considering an abortion, is testing for STDs, something we can do for you at no cost. Don’t be fooled into thinking you aren’t at risk just because you have no symptoms, as this is often the case.
If you have an abortion with an untreated STD, you run a risk of having the bacteria move into your reproductive tract during the abortion procedure and turning into pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can cause chronic pain in your lower abdomen, fever, an unusual discharge with a bad odor from your vagina, pain and/or bleeding when you have sex, a burning sensation when you urinate, or bleeding between periods.
If your STD test comes back positive, we will give you a referral for treatment.
We will also give you the critical information you need to understand abortion and the different procedures available, dependent upon how far along your pregnancy is. We will go over all the information with you, make sure we answer your questions, and help you make a confident decision.
All information provided to you on phone is professional, confidential and at no cost to you. Contact us today. We are here to give you support and help you through this time in your life.

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